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Chip Hunnicutt has led marketing and technology efforts in professional sports, sporting goods, real estate and a variety of entrepreneurial successes. His knowledge of emerging technologies, social media strategies, and how to effectively integrate them with traditional marketing efforts has opened new sales channels, expanded revenues and provided a roadmap for future growth in every role he has held.

Chip developed the first online store for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and with a revamped on-site merchandise program, increased sales of licensed products 51% . He increased website revenue 71% for the online store of the country's largest bicycling retailer.

He won the Marketing Innovation of the Year for an interactive podcast from Prudential and his use of low-cost online marketing initiatives propelled a Myrtle Beach, SC-based entertainment business to #1 in its niche within three years. Most recently, Chip developed Trophy Score, the #1 rated iPhone application for scoring big game animals.

Strategic Alliances

Market Penetration

Affiliate Sales & Marketing

Project Management & Implementation

Marketing Strategies & Implementation

Designing E-commerce Marketing

Media Planning

Strategic Business Positioning

Notes to HR:  
Improved clickthru rate for a client’s AdWords campaign 149%
Developing two iPhone applications
Created an outdoors blog with nearly 4,000 monthly visitors
Created an interactive podcast for sales professionals *awarded Marketing Innovation of the Year from Prudential
Started an entertainment company, then took it to #1 in the market
Created the first internet store for professional rodeo
Worked for country’s largest cycling retailer and increased website revenue 71%
Increased licensed products revenue 51% for Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
Increased online revenue 171% for world’s largest airgun manufacturer

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